A day in the life of Joy

Meet our volunteer; Joy.

Every day she works with our basic education team and has been a huge part of our reading programs. Joy is always calm, collected and a very engaging teacher.

Joy is trained as an early childhood educator. At first, it was a challenge for her to gain work in this field, but she was “determined to find something constructive to engage in”. We are so glad we have her at Kesho.

When Joy was accepted as a Kesho Kenya volunteer, she was “very excited” to start work. At first, Joy thought she would spend her time “swamped up with desk-work such as filing” but was surprised as Kesho offered her opportunities tailored to her skills and passions.  


Volunteering at Kesho has also supported Joy at home. She now enjoys reading to her three year old daughter, something she never did before. Joy’s satisfaction from the Tusome Early Literacy Programme is “immeasurable”. ‘

“I feel so empowered and I am ready to be a model educator”- Joy, 2018 Kesho Kenya Volunteer.

At Kesho, we truly appreciate all our volunteers, staff, donors and sponsors.

Asante sana Joy! 


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