The Power of Reading

Imagine waking up and not being able to read. The words on a page represent a confusing blur. What feelings come to mind? Powerless? Confused? frustrated?

This is how many children feel on a daily Kesho Kenya we want to change that.

Recently, our basic education team have been working on empowering children through reading.  Already this year we have reached 800 primary school children; supporting them to develop their reading. 

Weekly lessons facilitated by our volunteers have consisted of class three students reading Swahili and English story books to each other. Over time, the students have grown in both skills and confidence. 


We celebrated this success with their parents and teachers with an afternoon of reading. The students read to their peers before reading to their parents. After, students were invited to read their story books out loud to the whole group.

With this engagement from the parents, they recognized the importance of reading in their child’s life. On the presentation days, the parents and teachers in partnership, made commitments to support the students with their reading. Huge progress for their children! 

“Only a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers.”―Steven Spielberg



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