Silver lining for Rachel

Meet Rachel Mbuche Kiti, a first born in a humble family of 6 siblings in Kilifi County who against all odds has awed many by her tremendous achievement and outstanding results which have offered her an opportunity to better her community. As the African proverb goes, ‘If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation’.

Rachel went to Kiwandani Primary School and attained 368 marks in her KCPE in 2012 but her family could not afford to take her to Secondary school. Lucky for her Kesho offered her sponsorship and was able to join Bahari Girls Secondary School. Rachael was determined to succeed and therefore worked industriously and managed to score an A- with 78 points in the 2016 KCSE exam. She was the top female student in Kilifi County and that earned her an internship program under Equity Leaders Program at Equity Bank for a period of 8 months. How lucky.

Being a Kesho beneficiary, she acquired several basic life skills from the enrichment programs and trainings she underwent and were organized by Kesho. On March 2017, Kesho introduced her to Zawadi Africa Educational Fund which is an organization that empowers exceptional girl students in Africa to secure college opportunities abroad. Kesho Kenya guided her through the applications and college selections in USA and managed to secure placement at Hillsdale College in Michigan State on April 2018. Rachael is to join in August 2018 and you can bet she is super excited to be in a new environment, a dream that would never have been reality were it not for Kesho Kenya.

‘’Thank you Kesho Kenya Organisation, Zawadi Africa Educational Fund, my family, friends and Bahari Girls community for your mentorship and endless support. I am really grateful. The future is bright for all of us. May the Almighty bless you abundantly.’’

Kesho is proud to have walked with Rachael and helped nurture her into being all rounded and a woman of substance. Don’t stop dreaming remember the sky is a viewing point and not just the limit.


Authors; Lilian Mbula

                                   Phiona Nzikwa





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