Head over heels-Celestine weds Emmanuel

Today is a wonderful day, because we get to share beautiful moments.

Weddings do celebrate life possibilities. This is not a fairy tale. It is a tale to tell and we are humbled to share. Some say weddings are epic, others may prefer blissful, gorgeous, amazing  and all sweet loving words to describe auspicious moments but this wedding is way “Head over Heels.”

Two couples with different life journeys are Alumni’s of Kesho Kenya.

Walk with us and lets get a peak on this amazing union.

The journey:

 After her Secondary education, Celestine volunteered at Kesho in 2010 and later proceeded to attain an ICT certificate. She later did a few jobs before securing a diploma certificate from Kenya institute of Management- Mombasa. Celestine’s hurdles enabled her hustle her way through to employment, starting with managing a cereal shop in Mombasa and got employed as a cashier in at Smart Home supermarket in Kiambu. Her dream is to be a successful entrepreneur.

     On the other hand after Secondary education, Emmanuel’s journey was more of passion and determination. Emmanuel completed his secondary school education and got to work for Amazon tyre & service Centre in Nairobi. Later on he was able to secure a scholarship to Join Kanthari Institute for social Visionaries in India. Upon his return to Kenya through his vision to make a difference, Takkazi was born 


The inspiration:

     Celestine and Emmanuel have always been friends and had the same ideals in succeeding in life. By motivating each other during high school and after high school little did they know that their bond would soon blossom to an amazing union .


The Union:

     It all begun with their partnership in various activities and this grew by the day. Celestine and Emmanuel had this to say:

“Whatever souls are made of; Emmanuel  and I are the same.” Celestine

“It is so fulfilling, so comforting and very romantic to spend the rest of my life with you. You make the world a paradise for me. I love you.” Emmanuel

What keeps them Going?

     Emmanuel has a waste management project. By transforming his ideas into practicalities, Emmanuel started a social enterprise, Takkazi NGO http://takkazi.org/ that would enable youths and community transform waste to wealth.

See blog* http://keshokenya.blogspot.co.ke/2017/03/transforming-waste-to-wealth.html

In support of the business Celestine is a volunteer secretary at Takkazi and diligently commits to the cause while not at work.

Advice to their peers and youths:

 “In whatever you resolve to do; be it in education, career, marriage or business etc. always choose right, calculate its sustainability and be on the Driver’s seat.” Celestine & Emmanuel


We at Kesho Wish them the very best.


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