Lemic at Segal Family Foundation

“The experience was really amazing”


Lemic Ngalla (24 years) was invited by Segal Family Foundation to attend their annual partners meeting (10th to 13th of August) in Kampala. An event that brings together partners to network, celebrate and learn.

Although I had a long and tiresome flight through Ethiopia, my expectations were much greater than the fatigue. There were over 100 organizations and about 200 participants. It was a great learning experience through the interaction and networking with different people. The speeches carried a strong message particularly to the youth and youth led organisations, which I will be sharing with members of Kesho Alumni and GYEA.

The conference was graced with the presence of Graca Machel (wife to the late Nelson Mandela), Emmanuel Jal (a Sudanese artist, global peace advocate, former child soldier and war survivor), Eddy Kenzo (Ugandan Musician and former street child), I got an opportunity to meet them and hold conversation on the power that lies within the youth to bring about positive change.

Segal Family Foundation

The Yellow Track (Youth Delegates) sessions were both educative and enjoyable. I had the opportunity to interact with over 20 youth from Africa who are passionate about global change for achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). We visited RAHU (ReachA Hand Uganda) a youth led organisation which uses different strategies such as art to pass Sexual Reproductive Health awareness to youth in Uganda. I noted that youth delegates present were addressing similar problems to the youth in Kilifi and this provided a platform to discuss solutions and best practice.

We celebrated the International Youth Day which was on 11th, August in style. The whole conference was chaired and presided over by the youth delegates. I chaired a group of about 20 people from different countries. The topic of discussion was Teenage Pregnancies in Kilifi with reference to other countries/counties represented by the participants. My summary statement was #Child Pregnancy Is Not Cool.

 I must also say that I really enjoyed the dinners at the resort, dance and performances by musicians from Uganda. The food was really nice and I enjoyed the buffet. The experience was definitely worth the long and tiresome flight. Thank you Kesho for making it happen.

Lemic is the current Kesho Alumni Chairman. He was supported by Kesho through Secondary School and then worked at Kesho as a graduate assistant during his gap year. In 2015 he graduated with a 1st Class degree from Maseno University and works now at Upendo Orphan Support Group as assistant administrator. He founded a social enterprise GYEA; running a youth football team to empower and mentor young children form his village.

 All that made Lemic the perfect Kesho youth representative during the SFF annual meeting.

THANK YOU LEMIC for representing KESHO KENYA so well during the #SFF2016 in Uganda.


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