Creating passion for reading among children and nurturing competent readers

“It builds their confidence”

Meet Faith and Isaac.

Faith and Isaac have volunteered in the Kesho Literacy Programme for quite a while now. Apart from assisting in various Kesho activities, it is also a great opportunity for them to gain work experience and brilliant way of spending their gap year.

This is what they had to say after concluding term 2 reading activities:

“I have volunteered in the Reading Programme for one term so far but I have seen lots of progress among the children who we engage in one-on-one reading sessions. The book clubs that we run gives them a platform to speak in front of others and it builds their confidence. Through the regular interactions with the children, they gain trust in us and sometimes they share personal information, and this is where we come in to advice and counsel or refer them for help.” (Faith)

Faith during peer educator workshop

“I have been volunteering in the Literacy Programme for more than a year. The one-on-one reading sessions give a very good understanding of a child’s reading ability and how it relates to comprehending of classroom instructions. This helps us to flag children who need extra support in terms of comprehension strategies and individual tutoring. When we meet along the streets, the children never hesitate to shout ‘teacher Isaac’. It is rewarding to support children to become competent passionate readers.” (Isaac)

Isaac assisting with home visits

Faith and Isaac are part of Kesho alumni; they graduated from high school in 2015 and 2014 respectively. Faith will be joining college to study Community Development and Social work while Isaac will join a Teacher’s College.

Book club session

We thank them for their great work and wish them all the best in their studies!

Volunteers who assist in the Literacy Programme are taken through training on sight words, phonics, high frequency works as well as how to write good compositions. That gives them the technical background of the reading sessions as well as conducting the book clubs.





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