Malala inspires Kesho partners

Kesho had a meeting with the key stakeholders so as to screen the Malala documentary and thereafter have a discussion; with the purpose of identifying key issues affecting Girl Child Education in Kilifi County. “Their participation and contribution was satisfying and remarkable,” said one of the volunteers who had taken the participants through the discussion session.


The stakeholders present in the meeting represented different organisations and departments that have a direct impact towards the education sector in Kilifi County. The Chief Educational officer was represented as well as ; Moving the goalpost, MEDA, The Supreme council, SCOPE Kilifi, Girl Child Foundation, Upendo Orphans support project and MEWA.

partners 1.png

One of the stakeholders said that time had come for Kilifi residents to stop lamenting about their challenges and step out to bring change in our society. Let us create awareness about the importance of education, let us do it over and over again until it becomes something familiar to everyone. This will make everyone value education just as they value their own lives.”

To highlight key responses;

We have been making decisions for the girl child and sometimes we fail to involve them and give them a chance to express themselves. It is important if we give them the opportunity to speak up and give their opinions towards education.”

In as much as we try to solve the problems we face in the education sector there are certain perceptions and practices that pull us back. Those in authority should focus on being responsible and work hand in hand to support our children in the education sector. The society should also do away with misleading practices and perception in order to achieve our goals as a society.”

From the meeting, KESHO also managed to get ideas of initiatives and other strategies that could be employed to create awareness on the Girl Child Education. “Apart from the MALALA documentary that is only screened in schools and villages that have electricity we can come up with a play that has a similar theme and perform in the rural parts of our County.” “We could also have a slogan that will be used to create awareness among the youth as well as students this will help them to have in mind the value of education.” Another suggestion was to use the experiences of successful youth as a way of inspiring others.


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