Meet teacher Mitsanze from Basi primary school

Kesho recruits vulnerable children who would drop out or never enroll in school without financial support. These children usually have literacy gaps that hinder them from thriving to full academic potential. For this reason Kesho runs a reading programme whose objectives is fast track reading abilities of our children to be at per with the expected levels. We also endeavor to cultivate and nature passion for reading among school children that we interact with during various activities that we hold in schools and at our resource center. We also do teacher capacity building in terms of refresher courses on modern methodologies of teaching literacy and parents literacy classes which aim to empower parents with basic literacy skills that they require to monitor their children’s academic progress.

teacher 1
Pupil reading a book during “One on one reading session”

Twice a week we visit different Primary Schools in Kilifi. Children who have reading difficulties (reading below their expected reading age) come for ‘one-on-one’ reading session. Other than that we facilitate book clubs and story telling session. Supported by Kesho volunteers to implement that programme we also need the support from the respective schools.

Meet Amos Mitsanze from Basi Primary School who is very committed to our Literacy Programme. Mr. Mitsanze has been teaching social studies at Basi since April last year.

Mr. Mitsanze during “One on One’ reading session

What motivates you being a teacher?

I like interacting with children; being a teacher gives me the opportunity to support children and even their families. When I had to choose my career path as a young person I also considered that as a teacher I would have a good chance to get employment.

What connection do you have with Kesho?

I got to know Kesho when I started working at Basi Primary School. I was assigned to supervise the pupils during the one-on-one reading session and book clubs that are part of Kesho’s literacy program.

What do you think about the Kesho reading program? How does it impact on the children?

I like the concept of the reading program and they way it engages children. I have seen improvement amongst the pupils; more of them speak better English. Through the program they also get access storybooks, which often are not available at home.

How do you support the reading program in your position as a teacher?

Being a teacher I am the person who interacts the most with the pupils and therefore I know very well the level of the children’s reading ability. I ensure that the children who are in the program attend the session on a regular basis and are on time.

Thank you Mr. Mitsanze for your support and commitment to the lite program.

One on One reading session



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